Raising Little Men

Originally shared on my personal facebook page December 17, 2018.

I feel like daily I see posts from Momma’s about how they were belittled for letting their boy play with a babydoll, allowing them to play with beauty products, or for letting little men play with kid versions of cleaning supplies. Let me just say I wish someone would have the nerve to say something to me. 

My little boy kisses me like I’m the best thing in the world. My mini man loves to play with my brushes or brush my hair and he usually watches me do my makeup. He loves with his whole being, recently when I had a bit of nausea he sat in the bathroom rubbing my back and holding my hair (he watched his daddy do that for me 😘) He has the compassion of someone 500 times his age! 

The point is, you shouldn’t have to apologize for raising a gentleman, there is nothing wrong with a little boy growing up to respect the time a woman takes to look nice or to help out with the housework. There’s nothing wrong with teaching them to love big and with all they have, and I certainly have no shame in raising him to love babies starting with this babydoll he adores. After all one day he may be a married man with children and I look forward to the day his spouse thanks me for raising him with respect, compassion, & love! 💙 

XO Chey

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