Fart Monsters, nuggets, and sniff tests

Are you the type of Momma who manages to the slide by on the seat of some thread bare pants? If you are, you and I have more in common than you might realize. 

Seriously if you told me ten years ago I would be a SAHM listening to my toddler do everything he can to fight falling asleep right now to include calling the dogs, talking to the cat, farting loudly, and singing I would have laughed hysterically. Or if you mentioned that I am the mom living in stretchy pants and rocking a constant mom bun and make up free face I would have laughed even harder. (And I wouldn’t have peed my pants laughing then either…stupid Mom bladder)

Now five years ago I would have cried because, well I didn’t think I would get to be a mom but more on that later. 

I always thought I would be the mom to have a super clean put together home, always a fresh face of makeup and hair done, with the kid that was an angel who ate everything put in front of him. 

Please take a moment to laugh at me for being THAT lady. HA HA HA!! Okay now that is out of the way….

My kid regularly eats chicken nuggets sometimes from the fast food chain and sometimes the ones you buy in the frozen food section. He likes candy and if he falls asleep before he brushes his teeth I don’t bother waking him.

**GASP young non mom Cheyenne is horrified**

And you know what? It really is okay. If you are the Mom who has it all figured out, never feeds her kid “junk” and rocks a weekly play date then bravo I am truly envious of you and I am going to need to email me all your secrets!!

But if you are the mom who hits the drive thru regularly, can’t wait for bedtime (I know you miss them later, I do too) and occasionally does a sniff test on your kid on the way out the door – I salute you. The world is not kind to our type with its stuffy expectations and perfectly brushed hair. 

Stand strong Momma, stand strong!

Now excuse me while I put my fart monster in bed for the third time…

XO Chey

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