Beautiful You

Your body, child-bearing or not is a BEAUTIFUL masterpiece.

Your head holds memories no one else has in the exact same way you do.

Your arms have carried little ones so they felt safe or brought peace to someone with hug when they needed it most.

Your hands held someone else’s through a tough or scary time.

Your legs have carried you through life’s obstacles or supported you during the best memory filled times you can think of.

Your feet have traveled miles in the years you have been on this earth and allowed you to see so much.

How could you hate any part of that?

I find myself struggling from time to time just like any other woman but when I remember this body created two little lives, and this is the only body they know with ZERO judgement nothing else matters.

I know it’s hard.

You look in the mirror and see only the flaws, not the way those flaws or imperfections make you uniquely you.

Fact of the matter is you are the ONLY version out there of you.

Learn to love your body and all it has done even if society says you shouldn’t & if you want to make changes to it make sure you’re doing it to be healthier or solely for you – not because someone makes you feel like you should be a different you.

XO Chey


PS This is a random snapshot I recently took of my first laying on my belly that’s big with my second. In that moment as Payton dozed off and Porter finally calmed down I felt ashamed of how many times I have recently complained about my body as it’s doing this amazing thing. So grateful for the reminder to love me.



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