“You pretty Mommy!”

A few weeks ago I was in the shower and to no surprise my two year old son was patiently standing on the other side of the curtain chatting away to me.

He would tell me colors of things in the bathroom and pop a few bath toys in for me “You need Mommy?” I would hear as another toy was landing at my feet.

Shortly after the third toy made it’s appearance I heard him walk out of the bathroom but quickly heard the pitter patter of little feet excitedly returning just as I was dressing. (They certainly know no privacy!)

“It you Mommy! It you!!!” I looked at what my sweet boy was holding in his hand and couldn’t help but laugh.  He had one of those perfume cards from a beauty magazine in his chubby hand proudly exclaiming, “It you Mommy it you! You pretty.”

In that moment it hit me. He doesn’t see the flaws I do, he sees a pretty lady on that card and she reminds him of me because to him I am pretty.

Your children do not see the things the way you do.

They do not see the imperfections we point out to ourselves everyday. They don’t notice the stretch marks or the blemishes we think can be seen from space. They don’t care if our hair is a mess or our clothes more for comfort than style.

They only see love, comfort, and safety.

The body you hate is all they know and they don’t mind the curves, stretch marks, and blemishes we feel make us less than. We, in all our imperfect glory are amazing, prefect, and “pretty” to them. How amazing is their innocence while they are young and haven’t had the wordly views pressed upon them.

How we show them what we see in ourselves is how they will learn to view themselves. Maybe instead of finding fault in ourselves we should focus on the strengths we have instead.

Decide how you want your daughters and sons to view themselves and set an example of self love. You won’t regret it.

XO Chey

Ps I’m not sure who this model is but I hope you don’t mind my son’s comparison 🙂



Stretchy pants, lost sanity, & being uncool.

As a Mom do you ever find yourself having one of THOSE days. Ya know, where you’re like, “What happened to me?” “When did I get this boring and stop being cool?!” Or “Am I always going to be this grouchy, stretchy pant wearing monster?!” 

If you’ve never asked yourself these things or atleast something close to it then this blog post is not for you…..

If you are sitting there saying something along the lines of, “Preach it!” “Heck yes!!!” or contemplating if we are the same person then this one is for you. 


If no one has told you today allow me to let you know you are beautiful with your dirty hair, make up free face, and abused stretchy waisted pants. You are one in a million and I along with my mom bun, make up free face, and thoroughly abused yoga pants are cheering you on. 

I sometimes think back to all the things I had planned for myself (feel free to giggle, we all know planning doesn’t amount to much but a hill of beans….) and I am like, “What happened and where did my cool go?”

Beach trips? Clear and tan skin? Thin waist line? Perfect {clean} shiny hair? Late nights with laughs until early in the morning? Man, I used to be fun!! Yea I traded all that in for the trips to the grocery store, ghostly pale complexion that makes people ask if I am ill without make up, I rock serious curves thanks to child birth, and my late nights are filled with someone yelling “MOMMMMMM!” And me praying for my sanity sometimes while in tears. 

I used to have a pretty cool and unusual job, extra spending money, and well my sanity. Thennnnnnnn I became a mom.

But fact of the matter is there is no job like this one. 
Not everyone is cut out or this lifestyle and that’s okay!

You were blessed with those babies because God needed a mother for them who can handle their sass, stubbornness, and meet their needs. You have selflessly taken on the role to bring the next generation up and while you may feel overwhelmed today you know dang well you wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Those babies, they think you’re cool, perfect, beautiful, amazing…. The list goes on and on in their eyes because you are all they know Momma. That curvy body comforts them while your tired eyes see all their worth. One day those long nights will fade away and believe it or not we will miss these moments of chaos and being uncool.

This world is harsh enough don’t be so hard on yourself. Love you for all that you are and appreciate these days before they change again to the next season of life. Don’t miss out because you were too caught up in what shouldn’t matter.

XO Chey