Why Dads deserve credit too!

We as women, are pretty fabulous in my opinion but it saddens me how little credit is given to the Dad’s who deserve so much recognition !

I personally grew up with a Father and Step Father who are amazing male role models plus had the bonus of an Uncle who helped bring me up so between them all I knew the traits to look for in a husband even if I didn’t “get it” until I was older.

It wasn’t until my husband and I became parents that we had the conversation about how hard being a Dad really is. He pointed out after our first was born that he had never been so lost and nervous before. He told me, “Babe you only worried about him and if he was okay. I was worried about him AND you. That’s my job, to worry about EVERYONE.” I was speechless ((that never happens!!)) It was then that it hit me; involved Dads are serious rock stars and here are a few reasons why I say that.

They protect.  Sort of like what my hubby said, they worry about the entire family. Men are literally programmed to be providers of all things safety. So ladies be sure to smack his butt and say thanks when he changes the smoke detector batteries, or listen to him a little harder when he tells you to be safe when you leave for that Wal-Mart run. Don’t get mad at him when he’s upset with you for leaving your keys in the door for the 15th time this month (sorry babe!) Take a moment to say thank you because he really does mean well.

They set the bar high.  We have a son, and one on the way so my husband is setting the bar for how they should treat future spouses, and how they are to provide for a family. But the men who have daughters are showing them exactly how they should be treated.

The way they can calm your storm. We have all been there before. Your other half comes home and sees you upset in the kitchen or hiding in the bathroom. You are about to lose your mind because the kids haven’t listened all day, or the dogs have rolled in something that smells like something from a crime scene or maybe you are just flat-out exhausted from being stretched thin and you’re staring a break down in the face. In that moment when you feel like a crazy lady he brings a calm to your soul like no one else can and reassures you it’s going to be okay…bonus when he takes over the role of mean parent and let’s you grab a hot shower with no little people or smelly dogs! 🙂 

They can reach all the high stuff AND lift the heavy stuff.  Need I say more?!

They work. Setting the example for their children of how providing should be done, they work and they work HARD. I know everyone has a different opinion on what hard work is, and that’s okay but from the wife of a man who often pulls 300 plus hours in 4 weeks I appreciate this trait of a father my husband has! 

They fill the gaps.  Just like how he calms the storm for you he manages to be there at the right moment to fix whatever mini crisis is brewing. Someone has a last minute doctors appointment, you forgot to take out something out to thaw for dinner so he brings dinner home, or the faorite toy broke AGAIN. They seem to just effortlessly slide in at the right moment to save the day. 

There are so many more things a father does, be it biological, step, or even just a bonus male role model in a child’s life that is important. This weekend being Father’s day I encourage you to be simple. Tell him thank you, do the celebratory things, but it will go a long way if you can keep the positive traits in mind everyday of the year. A person grows and does more when showed grace, love, encouragement, and appreciation regardless of who they are or their role in this world.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s in the world to include those who stepped up when someone else didn’t!!

XO Chey