I didn’t know how much you were needed

Like most moms I was worried how having a second child would change things.

Would we be able to share our time with both kids?

Would we be able to still give Payton everything we wanted?

Would Payton feel less than important?

Would balancing multiple kids ruin the comfortable crazy we were used to and make it pure insanity?

But then he arrived. Our second bundle of pure perfection came crashing into the world on his own terms. In a small amount of time he has brought about big changes.

He brought balance to our family.

He taught us to slow down.

He showed us love is endless.

And so much more.

So to the Momma worried about “splitting” her time, love, and sanity. It’s going to be okay, better than okay. It’ll truly be wonderful , beautiful, and the good kind of crazy.

XO Chey